Was it just a dream ?

Hello fellow project space exhibitors. As COLLECT 2012 was all over in such a flash just though I would check in to make sure it was not all a dream!

Really good to meet you all and hope you all get interesting follow ups from our Project Space exhibition…. All the best,  Lucy

Vive la tapisserie! 3 – Anna Ray

Vive la tapisserie! 3 Exhibition invitationHello again, I am going to be in Edinburgh next week for the preview of this exhibition. I am showing four small pieces. Above is the textile work ‘Blessures’ and below is a collage ‘Scène’. This group show of miniature textiles happens every year, it’s a really good testing ground for new work.

Scène image


Louise Gardner’s Website Here







Fightng with tiredness .. Just nipped in for a break and my emails were as dull as dish water so here are a few snapshots of the preparations of my final and 5th Tumblingweed.

Only 4 days to go and I will certainly be burning the midnight oil.

Hope you are all good out there and looking forward to the exhibition ….. I am very excited and nervous and knackered!

Don’t forget to get your tickets!



Gosh this is hard!

How are you lot doing?  I am finding this last leg really challenging.  I am so tired and so not near finishing. I need to muster up the enrgy to burn the midnight oil but everything aches and I am having flashes of self doubt which I know is natural as I have been staring at the pieces for SO long.

I know I will get there but its a mix of feeling absoultely sick of the sight of my studio and sewing machine, a sadness that I am nearing the end and ALSO I feel strangely nervous.

Thinking of you all … I wish we could meet for coffee to spur each other on but sending my best wishes online and some FORCE to keep you all going!


Lucy Browns’ first ‘Loom View’

My Loom view of Offerings for The Project Space seemed to go quite well on Saturday 14th April. Thank you to everyone who attended and special thanks to Sophie Cutler and Poppy Richards who had volunteered to help run everything smoothly for the afternoon.

It was good to let people see the work before it gets cut off the frame and installed in the Project Space in a few weeks’ time…  something I have been wanting to do for some time as the work takes on a new form when cut and installed.  I completely forgot to take photos of the afternoon, but quickly took a few after everyone had gone. Here is a quick trail round Robertson Yard Studios’ entrance and the loom view.

Project Space – A Partners Perspective

Hello, my name is Philip Watson, and I am Maryrose Watson‘s husband. I thought it might be interesting to offer a partners perspective on the build up to showing at the project space at Collect 2012.

Maryrose and I are in nice position, where I am able to support her in her work by making the wooden frames that she wraps her yarn around. In thinking about this post, I tried to do a fancy timelapse-photo-thing to show the making process, but have been sadly let down by the technology. Anyway, here are the two lots of two seconds that I managed to get out of it:

Other than that, here are some (more reliable) photos of the equipment I used to make the frames, with samples and examples, etc. Prizes for those who can name all the tools!