Project Space – A Partners Perspective

Hello, my name is Philip Watson, and I am Maryrose Watson‘s husband. I thought it might be interesting to offer a partners perspective on the build up to showing at the project space at Collect 2012.

Maryrose and I are in nice position, where I am able to support her in her work by making the wooden frames that she wraps her yarn around. In thinking about this post, I tried to do a fancy timelapse-photo-thing to show the making process, but have been sadly let down by the technology. Anyway, here are the two lots of two seconds that I managed to get out of it:

Other than that, here are some (more reliable) photos of the equipment I used to make the frames, with samples and examples, etc. Prizes for those who can name all the tools!


2 thoughts on “Project Space – A Partners Perspective

  1. very nice woodwork! it means a lot to have that sort of symbiosis going in work and life, I had to outsource my Plinth … I mean I just have no more energy to do that as well 🙂
    cant wait to see it all live!

  2. Aghhhh I knew it!!! You are INVOLVED. It’s great to see such beautiful craftsmanship and partnership. Looking forward to seeing you both. Right … Will get my mum to post next!!! LG

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