Project Space – A Partners Perspective

Hello, my name is Philip Watson, and I am Maryrose Watson‘s husband. I thought it might be interesting to offer a partners perspective on the build up to showing at the project space at Collect 2012.

Maryrose and I are in nice position, where I am able to support her in her work by making the wooden frames that she wraps her yarn around. In thinking about this post, I tried to do a fancy timelapse-photo-thing to show the making process, but have been sadly let down by the technology. Anyway, here are the two lots of two seconds that I managed to get out of it:

Other than that, here are some (more reliable) photos of the equipment I used to make the frames, with samples and examples, etc. Prizes for those who can name all the tools!


Project Progress and Procrastination

I SO know what you are saying ….

Its all about risk all of the time and now that time is running out its even more about risk as I dont have time to contemplate risks enough anymore and the clock is ticking and my body is aching.   Group HUG!? Yeah OK thats asking a bit much.  HELP!

I could work on the same area for weeks in order to try and create something so rich and intricate that you just want to dive in and roll around in it but I cant as I have to finish number 5 which feels like the weakest link and it is meant to be the strongest with the most curpow whoo and I dont have anymore time and I have to go teach a badly timed workshop and I am pannicking and I feel sick.

CC – Can we put back the show two weeks please???????

(Crazed wild eyed laughter here…)



read by Vanja _ Rough&Ready

I was just reading the latest Crafts mag and came across a great insight into making that resonates so well with me, from the amazing Alison Britton, she`s:

˝dangerous… That`s me…That`s part of what one does when ones leaving things late. I think risk and creativity are quite connected. So when you`re pouring something on, you cant get it off again. Its that moment of taking a deep breath.˝  (pg.15)